【 SFミッション 】

SaltyFriends は、セイルトレーニング*の普及などを通して、より多くの人々が海や船に親しむような環境作りを目指します。



 ・メールマガジン「SaltyFriends 通信」を毎月発行(月1回、10日配信)
 ・関連イベントの企画・運営 など

It all started in January 2004 when a couple of tall ship sailors gathered in Yokohama to form a group, hoping to build a community among those involved in tall ship-related activities and expand its network. We named it “Salty Friends.”

Our main activities include, but not limited to: publishing a monthly e-magazine, organizing various events (e.g. workshops, boarding tours of visiting tall ships, photo exhibitions, lectures…), and hosting volunteer opportunities to work @ ships / museums / festivals in Kanto+Kansaki regions.